NUDE Launches Their Ultra-Premium All-American Vodka

Next time someone walks up to you in a bar and tells you to get NUDE; you may want to consider his or her advice before you send a slew of obscenities their way. Anyone who advises you to get NUDE, as of March 25, 2011, has your best interest in mind. NUDE Vodka (NUDE Spirits) has officially announced the launch of its Ultra Premium Masterpiece to the California market.

NUDE has partnered with Western States Beverage to distribute its top-shelf brand to high-end restaurants, bars, nightclubs and retailers. NUDE has also partnered with the Novo Agency to execute an aggressive marketing campaign to target consumers who appreciate quality vodka.

NUDE is an All-American vodka but unique because it is filtered five-times over crushed volcanic lava rock and distilled in the High Cascades of the Pacific Northwest, US (Bend, Or). NUDE uses pure Cascade Mountain water and only the freshest natural ingredients to create its 100% gluten-free top-shelf vodka.

NUDE believes California consumers will embrace the brand’s high-sophistication and more importantly, its extremely smooth taste. “The vodka inside the bottle speaks for itself. NUDE is a superior product that will immediately raise the expectations of California vodka drinkers,” said Shawn Harlan, CEO and Founder of NUDE.

NUDE was recently honored with a Gold Medal at the 2010 Spirits International Prestige (SIP) Awards. A spirit honored with the SIP Gold Medal Award has the highest grade of aroma, taste and finish quality. All spirits competing at the SIP Awards are blind taste-tested and judged by a panel of international consumers. This unbiased competition levels out the playing field by comparing well-established brands with industry newcomers, such as NUDE.

During the upcoming weeks, various nightclubs, bars and restaurants in California will host events to promote NUDE. The NUDE Facebook fan page will feature a list of events that the public can attend.

Made in Bend, OR, NUDE Spirits (NUDE Vodka) is a company with a strong foundation built on integrity and social responsibility. NUDE values its customers and is committed to supporting them in order to achieve our vision of true consumer satisfaction.

NUDE has created a new standard for excellence in the ultra-premium vodka segment. Today, discriminating vodka enthusiasts recognize NUDE’s elegant personality and uncompromising integrity.

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