Howard Stern Show: Doug Stanhope and Girlfriend Bingo in Studio

Once again, Howard Stern interviewed comedian Doug Stanhope in the studio, along with Doug’s girlfriend Bingo (Amy Bingaman). The two had been on the Stern Show several times together before. Actually, I’m not so sure that Stanhope could make it into the hallowed halls of the Howard Stern Show without his crazy girlfriend with him.

Howard jumped right into the couples’ crazy “open” sex life and grilled Bingo on some of her conquests while Doug was on the road. She said she only strayed from Doug twice, but one of the stories was quite interesting and included a high school football game and the band coach/busdriver. Bingo ended up drunk on the field and took a kid’s trombone. The coach/busdriver had to take it from her, and by the end of the night Bingo was screwing him.

Doug thought it was a hilarious story.

Then Howard grilled Bingo on another one of her drunken sexcapades, but this one involved another woman. We learned that Bingo didn’t remember much but she was doing the dining and was not feasted on.

You’re here to see what Bingo looks like, so click any thumbnail below to see the full-sized version. Howard did remark that it was nice that Bingo grew her hair out because during previous appearances, her head was shaved bald…

Oh, and Doug was in the studio to promote his new comedy CD/DVD Oslo: Burning the Bridge to Nowhere, which is available now. You can check out more of Doug Stanhope at… where most of the images above were borrowed from.