Amstel Light: Full ‘Bier’ Flavor Through Dutch Craftsmanship and Heritage

Amstel Light, a leading imported light beer from Amsterdam, announces today the launch of a new advertising campaign, “The Bier Drinker’s Light”. The new campaign represents a shift in the brand’s communication strategy, from focusing on the brand’s roots in Amsterdam to the functional benefit of the beer itself, as the only light beer that delivers full “bier” taste.

Featuring Amstel brewers as the image and “voice” of the campaign, the messaging reinforces the craftsmanship and European heritage of the brew through lighthearted humor that busts through the stigma of other, “watery” light beers. The focus on the brewers also adds personality to the brand, bringing the Amstel spirit to life in a fun and friendly way.

“Amstel Light plays an integral role in the Heineken USA portfolio,” stated Lesya Lysyj, Chief Marketing Officer, Heineken USA. “The Bier Drinker’s Light campaign emphasizes the quality of the product and at the same time reinforces the brand personality, which will help consumers stay more connected to the Amstel brand overall.”

The campaign leverages an established equity of the Amstel Light brand as a full-flavored light beer, including refreshing and modernizing a tagline from a legendary campaign in the brand’s past, “The Beer Drinker’s Light Beer.”

“Being The Bier Drinker’s Light today is more relevant than ever,” notes Colin Westcott-Pitt, Vice President of Marketing, Amstel Light. “With the craft and specialty beers booming, and so many new styles to explore, the number of adult consumers who take pride in being truly discerning ‘beer drinkers’ is greater every day. The Bier Drinker’s Light is a nod to those consumers, acknowledging their passion for great beer flavor and the art of brewing, and understanding that during a light beer occasion, they shouldn’t have to sacrifice any of that.”

The current tagline was freshened up for modern-day audiences, by shortening the line and substituting the word “beer” with the Dutch-language version, “bier,” to subtly reinforce the Amstel brand’s 140-year brewing history in Amsterdam.

Dallas-based creative agency The Richards Group created the brand’s new print, online, outdoor and radio advertising campaign by juxtaposing traditional brewery settings with contemporary Dutch brewers, with the beer as the hero throughout. Shot by famed Dutch photographer, Maarten de Groot, the ads feature picturesque imagery of an Amstel Light brewery, where the brewers take pride in their craftsmanship and accomplishment in creating a beer that is light, yet flavorful. The radio spots complement the campaign imagery, awakening the brand’s personality through the confident voice and humorous banter of the Dutch brewers’ “light” conversations.

“In a way, this campaign pays homage to our brewers in Amsterdam,” notes Westcott-Pitt, “who have always delivered to our consumers a light beer without sacrificing flavor.”

The campaign kicks off on May 16, led by radio, OOH and digital. Radio will run in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Hartford, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Providence, and San Francisco. OOH will run in the same markets, with the exception of Atlanta and Los Angeles. Online and digital will run for 24 weeks, while print ads will begin in June for a 23 week period, appearing in such publications as Men’s Health, Men’s Journal and Wired. The campaign will also heavily leverage the brand’s presence on Facebook throughout the year, giving consumers the opportunity to interact with the Amstel Light brewers in a more direct and ongoing way.

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About Amstel Light

Amstel Light is a leading imported light beer brand in the U.S. The Amstel Brewery was founded in 1870 in Amsterdam, Holland by two businessmen, DePester and J.H. van Marwijk Kooy. By 1886, Amstel had become Amsterdam’s largest brewer of lager beer. In 1982, Amstel Light was born as an import to the U.S. Characteristic of this beer is a unique selection of raw materials and an intense fermenting process. The result is a premium imported light beer containing only 3.5% alcohol and approximately 35% fewer calories than regular lager beer. Amstel Light is imported by Heineken USA, headquartered in White Plains, New York, the nation’s premier beer importer. For more information, please visit

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