Big Boss Brewing Will Host Pan American Coaster Tossing Championships

Today, Big Boss Brewing announced it will host the Pan American Coaster Tossing Championships on Saturday, June 18, at noon at the brewery’s downtown Raleigh location at 1249 Wicker Drive. The event, created in partnership with ad agency McKinney, is the ultimate sporting event that pits man against man, woman against woman, man against woman and woman against man in a showdown to see who can toss a coaster the farthest.

“This is our chance to support the fastest-growing sport on the planet! Coaster tossing! But seriously, there’s really no compelling reason to host this event,” said Big Boss Head Brewmaster Brad Wynn. “It’s simply a chance to drink great beer, eat great food and listen to some good music. And toss a few coasters.”

“There aren’t many officially sanctioned events for people who like to get together, drink beer and throw stuff,” said McKinney Copywriter Stevie Archer, who teamed with fellow Copywriter Brian Murray and Art Director Scott Pridgen. “So we thought we’d create one. Now you can drink beer, throw stuff and win prizes for it. And, if you want, you can even wear a funny costume. There’s really something for everyone.”

Big Boss is inviting the first 200 lucky tossers to throw their coasters into the ring at While there, athletes can get pumped up by checking out a video gallery and preview the lost tapes of Stuart “Lazer” Lemanski,” bronze winner of the legendary 1987 Pan American Coaster Tossing Championships. When Lemanski retired he dedicated his life to getting a hot tub and sharing his coaster tossing skill with the world. Fortunately, his legacy was preserved and athletes worldwide can learn more about his technique (a patent is still pending) as the tapes are recovered. In the meantime, they can stop by their favorite bar, pub, restaurant, tavern or Big Boss Brewing’s very own taproom to get an official tossing coaster to practice with for the big event.

Beginning at noon, the event has easy-to-follow rules so tossers can focus on the competition. “You can’t step over the line and a toss has to be completed within a one-minute time limit,” said Murray, who bears a striking resemblance to his aunt, LurleenLaChance, winner of the first-ever coaster tossing championship in 1923. You be the judge at “If you can’t get it done in a minute, then this isn’t the sport for you. If there’s a tie, we will have a dance-off to determine the winner. The grand prize is a tiny crown made of pride, achievement and glory. And a big, fat gift certificate good at Big Boss Brewing.”

Those non-tossers attending the event, including fans, trainers, agents, families, groupies or people jockeying to be a Foursquare mayor, can enjoy food on location and, of course, plenty of Big Boss beer fresh from the tap.

About Big Boss

Big Boss Brewing Company was started in 2006 in the Triangle area of North Carolina and shipped its first beer in the 2nd quarter of 2007. It was formed as collaboration between Geoff Lamb, a UNC graduate who returned to North Carolina in 2006, and brewmaster Brad Wynn, who has 12-plus years of brewing experience including several years with Victory, Wild Goose and Native Brewing Company.

About McKinney

McKinney is an independent advertising agency focused on game-changing ideas that make extraordinary things happen. Founded in 1969, the Durham, NC-based agency’s clients include Coldwell Banker, Abbott Nutrition’s EAS, Gold’s Gym, Big Boss Brewing, Radio Flyer, Nationwide Insurance, CenturyLink, Sherwin-Williams and Zenph Sound Innovations.