PlayStation Network Outage Update (May 18): PSN Hacked…Again

How long can this continue? At some point, Sony will have to admit failure and just start over, it seems. The PlayStation Network has been hacked, again, and Sony is requiring users to change their password, again.

According to Kotaku, the good news is that if your account was compromised, Sony will send you an email stating as such, telling you to change your password. Meanwhile, an official community moderator on PlayStation EU Blog has announced the following PS3 and PSP services are now offline:

  • PlayStation forums
  • PlayStation Blog
  • Music Unlimited via the web client
  • All PlayStation game title websites

The reason the services are offline is that they are the route by which hackers have invaded the system. Fortunately, it’s a simple exploit that merely had hackers requesting a password recovery on the French PS site after attempting a reset on the main PlayStation Store. We won’t show how it’s done, even though it won’t work with the sites being taken offline.

However, it seems like Sony has painted one massive bulleye on its chest, thanks to its attack on George Hotz over legal jailbreaking.

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