Tony Romo’s New Wife Candice Crawford Has An Arrest Record (Bikini Pics)

Dallas choke-master and backup Quarterback Tony Romo got married this weekend to Candice Crawford. We know very little about Candice Crawford but she is in a long line of Tony Romo honeys. Tony Romo was first tied romantically to American country pop singer and songwriter and winner of the fourth season American Idol Carrie Underwood.

So why did this relationship crumble? Could there be clues in the music of Carrie Underwood? Let’s look at some of her song titles. Before He Cheats and Cowboy Cassanova could be sonic clues to why this relationship didn’t work. As could the Carrie Underwood Hit So Small.

Tony then moved on to airhead Jessica Simpson. To Tony Romo’s defense looking at what would have been his new extended family Romo was smart for hitting the pavement. Jessica Simpson caught the hate and ire of the Dallas Cowboys fans when the Dallas Cowboys had their late season slide in 2008. Simpson was labeled a jinx and booed when ever she entered the Cowboys stadium. This shows how stupid Cowboys fans are. Luckily for Jessica Simpson the fans didn’t burn her as a witch.

So now Tony Romo has moved on to Candice Crawford, another Texas girl. Dallas native Candice Crawford was crowned Miss Missouri in 2008. Are the women so ugly in Missouri so ugly that they have to import beauty queens from Texas?

Candice Crawford was arrested for underaged possession of alcohol at the bar Tonic in Columbia, Missouri on March 16, 2007. This is no shocker that someone tied to the Dallas Cowboys organization has an arrest record. We couldn’t find her mugshot so we figured we would give you these swimsuit pictures. Bikini photos beat out mugshots any day.