E3 ’11: Microsoft Unveiling Halo HD, Gears of War Exile

Looks like Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox 360 is going to be a reality and shown off at E3 2011, as well as the first look at Gears of War: Exile. This has been unofficially confirmed by the upccoming cover of Xbox 360 World magazine.

Gears of War: Exile has been rumored to be Epic Games Kinect game, after Cliff Bleszinski constantly hinted at the developer considering Kinect for a Gears title. Our guess is that it’ll be a rail shooter much in the vein of Child of Eden.

Meanwhile, the Halo HD remake has been rumored for the past two months. Halo: Combat Evolved 360 is expected to support 1080p resolution and feature stereoscopic 3D. Whether it’ll include multiplayer is unknown, but it seems it will not feature online competitive multiplayer, just online campaign co-op, which the original allowed in split-screen offline play.

Microsoft’s press conference will be on Monday, June 6 at 2PM EST (11AM PST).

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