BBQ This Summer With the Perfect Cut and the Perfect Beer

Just in time for grilling season, Samuel Adams and premium online meat purveyor Robinson’s Prime Reserve are teaming up to offer two specialty grilling packages perfect for craft beer lovers. The launch of this partnership with Robinson’s Prime Reserve marks the first time the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut will be available nationwide through an online retailer.

Complete with the innovative Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut and the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glasses, these packages allow drinkers to enjoy a premiere full-flavored craft beer pairing experience at home. The Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut – designed by Jake Dickson, owner of the renowned, NYC-based artisanal butcher shop Dickson’s Farmstand Meats – is the ultimate beef pairing for Samuel Adams Boston Lager. The brew’s upfront malt flavor matches the caramelized flavors of the meat, and its hoppy finish prepares the palate for the next bite. The beef and beer intersect with great caramel notes and sweetness, while the elegant hoppiness of Samuel Adams Boston Lager finishes the rich, meaty flavor of the Cut. The use of Robinson’s Prime Reserve’s premium beef, further enhances the tasting to provide an unparalleled beer and beef experience.

Weighing in at eight ounces per piece, the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut is available online at Robinson’s Prime Reserve, the official online purveyor of meats for Samuel Adams, in two different packages to fit any grill master’s needs:

The Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut Package includes six Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cuts and two Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glasses for $79.95.
The Samuel Adams Mixed Grill Package comes with four Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cuts, six burgers, crafted from the same high-quality beef, and four Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glasses for $89.95.

“Since I first brewed Samuel Adams Boston Lager in my kitchen 27 years ago, Samuel Adams has been committed to making top-quality beer,” said Samuel Adams Founder and Brewer Jim Koch. “Through our partnership with Robinson’s Prime Reserve, beer lovers coast-to-coast now have access to an extremely high-quality cut of beef to pair with a world-class craft brew. Full-flavored brews like Samuel Adams Boston Lager have helped elevate craft beer to its rightful place at the dinner table. The spicy hop flavors and sweet caramel notes in beer actually pair better with bold, flavorful meats than wine does.”

Each package provides an impressive array of Robinson’s Prime Reserve’s world-class beef, rich in flavor and quality. When coupled with the rich, robust flavors of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, this premium delivery is sure to be the ultimate accompaniment to any summer grilling occasion for beef lovers and craft beer connoisseurs alike.

“Our family has been a purveyor of the highest quality meat for decades, and we take pride in supplying our customers with the best quality and cuts of meat,” said Ben Robinson, CEO and president of Robinson’s Prime Reserve. “We are thrilled to partner with a brewery that takes as much pride in delivering an incomparable experience to their customers as we do. We are excited to have this opportunity with Samuel Adams to share this unique pairing to beef and beer lovers nationwide.”

For more information about the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut please visit or to purchase the Cut, visit

About the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut

Cut from the cap to the top sirloin, the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut has a tender texture and big, beefy flavor. The Cut runs at a 45-degree angle to the rest of the muscle, yielding a tightly grained steak, perfect for grilling and slicing. This carving method optimizes the Cut’s cooking properties and flavor potential, enhancing its pairing capabilities. To achieve the recommended medium-rare temperature and make the most of the Cut’s beefy flavor, Samuel Adams Chef Partner David Burke recommends lightly salt and peppering the cut and grilling for four minutes on each side over medium to high heat.

The Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut is currently available online through Robinson’s Prime Reserve. While the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Cut is specially designed to be the perfect pairing for Samuel Adams Boston Lager, this full-flavored craft brew also pairs well with burgers, steaks and other beef dishes.

About the Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glass

The Samuel Adams Boston Lager Glass is the first glass specifically designed to showcase the beer as the brewers intended, delivering the optimum full-flavored taste and aroma of Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Samuel Adams worked with a team of world-renowned sensory experts to develop a unique shaped glass that features a unique angled lip, delivering the beer to the right points on the drinker’s palate; a neck and lip design that helps sustain the head of the beer, enhancing the release of the Noble hop aromas; a narrower glass base to keep the brew at the optimum temperature; and a laser etched nucleation site at the bottom of the glass to maintain flavor release during the drinking experience.

About Robinson’s Prime Reserve Beef

Robinson’s Prime Reserve specializes in purveying the highest ranked beef nationally, as rated by the United States Department of Agriculture. The Robinson’s provide USDA Prime and Choice beef, typically only found in the nations’ leading restaurants. Prime beef is rated the top 2% of beef nationally. Of Choice beef, the Robinson’s have the ability to use only the top 10% of this rating, to ensure an incomparable quality. All beef is aged to the Robinson’s specifications to unlock the utmost tenderness and flavor. Each steak is hand-selected for the richest marbling content and hand-cut for every client’s order to ensure the freshest and highest quality.


The Boston Beer Company began in 1984 with a generations-old family recipe that Founder and Brewer Jim Koch uncovered in his father’s attic. After bringing the recipe to life in his kitchen, Jim brought it to bars in Boston with the belief that drinkers would appreciate a complex, full-flavored beer, brewed fresh in America. That beer was Samuel Adams Boston Lager®, and it helped catalyze what became known as the American craft beer revolution.

Today, the Company brews more than 30 styles of beer. The Company uses the traditional four vessel brewing process and often takes extra steps like dry-hopping, barrel-aging and a secondary fermentation known as krausening. It passionately pursues the development of new styles and the perfection of its classic beers by constantly searching for the world’s finest ingredients. While resurrecting traditional brewing methods, the Company has earned a reputation as a pioneer in another revolution, the “extreme beer” movement, where it seeks to challenge drinkers’ perceptions of what beer can be. The Boston Beer Company strives to elevate the image of American craft beer by entering festivals and competitions the world over, and in the past five years it has won more awards in international beer competitions than any other brewery in the world. The Company remains independent, and brewing quality beer remains its single focus. While Samuel Adams is the country’s largest-selling craft beer, it accounts for just under one percent of the U.S. beer market. For more information, please visit


Robinson’s Prime Reserve, owned and operated by the Robinson family of Louisville, Kentucky, is the preeminent purveyor of the highest quality meats, including Beef, Bison, Poultry, Pork, Lamb & Veal. The Robinson family’s experience in the food industry began nearly a century ago, with a small general store in the rolling farmland of Kentucky, and blossomed into one of the leading purveyors of gourmet meats to world-renowned chefs and award-winning restaurants and hotels. A standard for high quality meats, our products have been served on the plates of six U.S. presidents, numerous dignitaries, celebrities and even a royal family. Robinson’s Prime Reserve products have been the culinary centerpiece at highly acclaimed events such as Esquire House and the fabled Berluti Swan Club. Robinson’s Prime Reserve’s online store was launched in December of 2008 to provide every carnivore, foodie and connoisseur of fine living the opportunity to taste an incomparable culinary experience in the comfort of his or her own home. For more information please visit

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