Blu-Ray Review: Blue Crush 2 Brings Us to the Beaches of South Africa (Trailer)

We all remember Blue Crush, the movie that launched Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez into the limelight. Tomorrow the sequel Blue Crush 2 comes to us on blu-ray. Blue Crush brings us to the beaches of South Africa. This is a welcome departure from the typical Australian, California and Hawaii surfer movie locations.

The photography is stunning, the film captures the sprawling landscapes of Africa. The surf scenes are also beautifully captured.
The audio gets the benefit of a pumping soundtrack. The surf footage also gets the benefit of the 5.1 DTS-HD sound. The pumping bass brings you into these beach parties.

All in all Blue Crush 2 is a nice coming of age film. I am sure anyone in their teens or early twenties would more than enjoy this PG-13 film. There is no heavy parting, nudity or sex. This is just a nice accessible family film.

Synopsis: Dana (Sasha Jackson) is 18, gorgeous and a killer surfer with a shelf full of trophies to prove it. When her father pressures her to buckle down and go to college, Dana flees her Beverly Hills home for the beaches of South Africa, the site of some of the world’s most awesome surf and her late mother’s home country. With her mom’s journal in hand and a mismatched gang of surf fanatics watching her back, Dana embarks on an odyssey along the breathtaking southern coast of Africa to fulfill her mother’s dream – one long, flawless journey down the barrel of the killer waves of J-Bay.

Blue Crush 2 is available on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow June 7th from Universal Home Entertainment.