Jennifer Lopez Has A Wardrobe Malfunction That Leads To A Major Nip Slip For J Lo (Uncensored Pic)

In what could be deemed a preview for her upcoming leaked sex tape Jennifer Lopez had a nip slip this week. the wardrobe malfunction happened at a private photo shoot which makes us wonder if these pictures were “leaked” on purpose.

While J Lo has no need for additional publicity or fame; this may be her way of controlling how her nude body is perceived by her fans. We reported last month that her ex-husband won a court ruling to release private intimate videos of the superstar. We still do not know if the videos are XXX in nature, but the buzz is this is a sextape.

If Jennifer Lopez shows the goods before the tape comes out it would extremely devalue her ex’s film. That is unless the buzz is correct and this is a porn of J lo. In that case all the nipslips, lip slips and booty pics in the world will not divert attention from the XXX sex video. Click here for the uncensored pic.