Jackass Star Ryan Dunn Dies in Fiery Car Crash (PICS)

Another young celebrity is dead. The word on the street, and confirmed by Bam Margera’s mother, is that Jackass cast member Ryan Dunn is dead. Reports from TMZ.com are that Dunn died on route 322 in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvania early this morning. No, it was not part of a stunt, and no, the picture to the left is him passed out drunk, not a death photo.

In the comment section on the news page of TMZ.com, it was noted that Dunn was doing 110 MPH in his Porche when it crashed. He had posted a pic of himself drinking with friends from the night before on his Twitter account. You can see it below.

The other photo below is allegedly what is left of the car as a tow truck took it away from the scene of the crash a few hours later.

Over the weekend, an episode of the game/reality show Minute to Win It aired where Dunn and fellow Jackass-mate Steve O were attempting to win money for charity.

R.I.P. Ryan