Blu Ray Review: The Eagle – Unrated

It has been a while since I enjoyed a period war movie as much as I enjoyed the Eagle. Set in England in the 1300s the film has an almost sci-fi like plot to it. The plot is peppered with themes that seem as if they could fit into a Klingon storyline on Star Trek TNG. Our Chief Film Critic Joe Viglione also picked up a Star Trek vibe when he reviewed the theatrical release (Joe’s Review).

Channing Tatum plays Marcus Aquila a Roman soldier that has spent his life honing his skills as a warrior. Marcus Aquila’s drive to become the ultimate warrior is fuel by the quest to return honor to his family name.

20 years earlier Marcus Aquila’s father disappears in the north country losing the Ninth Legion somewhere in Scotland. Lost with the army is the battle banner of Rome, a golden eagle. The film follows Marcus as he cuts a path through the UK with his sword to retrieve the Eagle and his honor. Marcus Aquila in my opinion is a mashup of William Wallace and Worf.

The Blu-ray is stunning. There are panoramic views of the United Kingdom countryside set to a soundtrack of world music. The film has an engulfing feel to it’s 5.1 audio mix. As Marcus Aquila treks through the forest you hear brush and bushes rustle all around you. Where the sound gets the largest benefit of the blu ray is during the battle scenes.

The bass during the forest battles is amazing as the swords clink and the soundtrack is pumped up a bit, pushing your sub-woofer to the limit. The battles are graphic but impressive. The Eagle does not get it’s unrated status from any sex or nudity. The violence is the contributing factor in the film’s rating.

The Eagle was released on blu ray and DVD released on June 21 by Universal Studios Home Entertainment