Twilight Breaking Dawn Star Robert Pattinson Is Just Wrong For Cosmopolis

It looks like Robert Pattinson is getting ready to give us another theatrical treatment of a piece of literature. Unlike the Twilight series this book actually isn’t based on a piece of mindless rubbish. The movie next on Patterson’s executioner block is Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis.

The concept behind Cosmopolis is pretty cool. Think of Homer’s Odyssey based in Manhattan in a limo in a span of one day. Now add the shittiest actor of a generation to the project, it is game over for Cosmopolis. Having read the book I could see Johnny Depp or even maybe Nick Cage in the role. Instead the producers went bargain basement shopping and signed Twilight Saga suck show Robert Pattinson to the project.

The only saving grace here is Kristen Stewart’s last two movies flopped. This movie is sure to fail and unless there are plans to make Sharkboy and Lava Girl II we will never see Taylor Lautner after Twilight Breakin Dawn wraps. So Cosmopolis will be the last script destroyed by this ensemble of talentless hacks. If you really want a barometer of where this hoi polloi is heading, Ashley Greene is now filming The Boom Boom Room.

Ironically the character Robert Pattinson plays in Cosmopolis loses his fortune in one day. For Rpattz it may take a little longer but I expect to see him at mall openings not long after this film goes to DVD. Finally the Twilight Saga phenomena is fading into the sunset and I couldn’t be happier. After Breaking Dawn is released it is game-set-match for this rabble.