Catherine Kieu Becker Goes Off Half Cocked and Cuts Off Husband’s Penis

I can’t believe I actually have to report on this story. A woman in California allegedly castrated her husband today. To be fair – The penis was actually cut off but she allegedly did it. The story reports the woman drugged the husband and then tied him to the bed. This evil bitch then waited for the husband to wake up before removing the man’s cock. Authorities said “He was conscious when his penis was removed,”

The woman that was charge with the crime is Catherine Kieu Becker. Kieu is actually a Vietnamese expression meaning “To be pretty” it should be change to “To be pretty fuckin’ insane”. Talk about a candidate for a Buckcherry video! 

This story reminds all of us of the John Wayne Bobbitt saga. John Wayne Bobbitt got his dick stitched back on and when on to have a successful career in porno. I do not see the husband of Catherine Kieu Becker taking this path. There is one big difference ‘tween Loraine Bobbitt and Catherine Kieu Becker; Catherine Kieu Becker made sure there was no way the penis was ever going to be sewn back on.

After castrating her husband Catherine Kieu Becker then put his penis in the garbage disposal. What an evil bitch she is. Image being tied to the bed bleeding from your crotch and you her the garbage disposal go off!

It looks like the Casey Anthony trial ended just in time we have a new circus for the pages of the tabloids. I will get you the rest of the story as it develops, before I do that I have to go online and cancel my mail-order Vietnamese bride.