Artie Lange Update – Planning A Non-Howard Stern Radio Show Comeback

Fans of the “baby gorilla”, Artie Lange, were a buzz last week as he made a surprise guest appearance on a Fox Sports radio show with his friend and fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo. His first non-Howard Stern guest spot must have made an impression with someone because TMZ is reporting that Artie is currently in talks with the people responsible for “The Dan Patrick” show, to develop a radio program in a similar format. The show will reportedly be co-hosted by DiPaolo and simulcast on DirecTV and FSR.

In listening between the lines of the Fox Radio guest spot and recent Howard Stern Show comments, its sounds like Artie is ready to re-join the Stern Show, but is not welcome back. When asked about re-joining the show, Artie commented “I was on the greatest show of all time for about 9 years … and I put them in a very awkward situation to say the least, so, what am i gonna do?” That sounds like a closed door to me.

Stern often comments about how he could not take another incident like the one with Artie’s attempted suicide in December of 2010. Howard was deeply affected by Artie’s pain and says he will not put himself in that position to be hurt again.

As far as Artie is concerned, he is certainly open to re-joining the cast of the Howard Stern Show… when a caller on FSR asked him about getting his old job back, he replied, “That would be the greatest thing ever.”

I’m sure we will hear all about it on Monday when the Stern Show returns from a two-week 4th of July vacation… unless it’s a three-week 4th of July vacation.