Pope Crisco: Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6 Maduro

On my docket of chores today, along with packing and cleaning, I have a few administrative tasks to get in line before our move, later I will go to the farmers market for a few groceries (and maybe a six pack of beer or two to get me through the week) and (thanks to EA Sports NHL 2010) continue to lead the Dallas Stars in scoring on the road to the 2014 Stanley Cup after lunch.In the meantime though, I will enjoy a post breakfast cigar, a maduro Saint Luis Rey Serie G No. 6.

With a wrapper of dark, Connecticut broadleaf, the cigar is a work of art by the roller, and is massive to boot with its 60 inch ring gauge and 6 inches long. It also feels hefty and firm to the touch, suggesting it is chockablock with filler.

As I put the initial flame to the foot my tongue is accosted with a wonderful bright spice flavor augmented by cedar notes. Where some cigar’s flavors build gradually up to a large symphony of tastes, this one jumps out on the palate like the beginning of a work by Charles Mingus.

With plumes of smoke coming from the stick, coco and coffee notes begin to develop after the first third has been consumed by fire, and at the midpoint the coffee notes take hold and become the predominate flavor through the end of the smoke.

By the last third I am trying to not burn my nose off as I am absolutely loving this cigar, despite the nicotine is bearing down on me, and is threatening to make me sick, despite smoking this cigar after a large breakfast.

This cigar took me about an hour and twenty minutes to smoke, and every minute was an extreme pleasure.

Happy Smoking,
Pope Crisco