Pope Crisco: Ranger India Pale Ale by New Belgium Brewing Co.

Well after a long day that included changing a flat for the spare on my wife’s Honda, Transferring my stout to a secondary fermentation for a short sit, and packing a fair amount of my earthly possessions, I think I have earned a good beer or two, and luckily I have four or five at my disposal.

Tonight I am enjoy a favorite of Haley’s and mine, New Belgium’s Ranger IPA. Pouring a couple out into a 20 oz glass, taking the additional 4 oz of volume as a primer to the night’s libation, the beverage pours clear and copper with a really wondrous white head that is fluffy and unwilling to die down significantly throughout its consumption.

The nose is floral, with a nice mellowing sweet matiness around the aroma’s edges. As the beverage is consumed, there is a flowery hop forward flavor with a medium full flavor and bitterness.

On the backend, this beer turns a little citrus with a warm, slight grapefruit tone, with a quick finish on the palate. The mouthfeel is full and wet, making it very refreshing when needing to quench a thirst.

I find it also works well before and after meals, for both priming and cleansing ones palate.

This beer is simply one of the best balanced and welcoming IPAs on the national market, and is easily in my top 5 India Pale Ales.