Amy Winehouse Dead at 27, Leif Garrett Still Alive at 49

With the death today of Amy Winehouse we thought we would check in on Leif Garrett. Though the actor-singer-drug abuser looks like stir-fried shit his is indeed very alive. Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew alum Jeff Conway recently passed but Leif seems to keep marching on.

It seems that Leif Garrett is not only alive but actually working. Friday, August 26th, Leif will be performing at Lake Arrowhead Village in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Yes this is the venue that hosts Color My World – The Chicago Tribute and Eagles coverband Desperado that very same month! What a wild August at Arrowhead Village. 

I hope Leif is a good boy and doesn’t spend his gig money on smack. Then again where the hell can you cop at Lake Arrowhead in the middle of the mountains?

So Leif if you Google yourself and read this we are pleased to hear you are doing well. Stay on the right track and you may get a gig with Color My World or Desperado.