Howard Stern Show: Tila Tequila Rides the Sybian and Has an Orgasm (Bikini Pics)

Right after Denise Richards left the Howard Stern Studios this morning, Tila Tequila came in to visit. Howard started off the interview saying he tried to do some research for the segment and watch the Tila Tequila sex tape, but it was of very poor quality and kept crapping out on him so he stopped watching. Tila sounded relieved by that and avoided some in-depth discussion of the actions on the tape.

The interview featured all of her personalities and she was shot out of a cannon as usual. Tila was pretty honest about her sex life and being “set up” during an appearance at an Insane Clown Posse concert where the audience threw piss-filled balloons at her.

Since she was high-energy throughout the segment, Howard asked Tila what it sounded like when she had sex. Tila did her best imitation of herself having an orgasm, but it led to her hopping on the Sybian sex machine for the real thing. Like all of the girls before her, Tila lost herself on the machine and “finished”.

Below are some bikini pics of Tila. We will throw up some video of the interview and hopefully the Sybian ride shortly. Click Away:

EDIT: The bottom row of pics were just added and from Tila’s Sybian ride this morning on the show. Pics courtesy of

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