New York Giants’ Prince Amukamara is the Last 2011 First Round Draft Pick to Sign

It’s over! The 2011 TMR Zoo First Picked/Last Signed is closed because all of the 2011 NFL first round draft picks have signed. The winning answer is Prince Amukamara. Prince was selected with the 19th overall pick by the New York Football Giants. The contest ended as soon as the Patriots’ signed their first pick, Nate Solder.

Prince Amukamara was not a very popular guess this year. Most entries leaded towards the top five picks overall. Less than 3% of entrants picked Prince. The most popular guess was first overall pick, Cam Newton.

The winner of this edition of the First Picked/Last Signed contest is member pduthoy. Our winner selected Prince on several of his entries, obviously increasing his odds of winning. Congratulations, pduthoy and thanks to all who participated in this contest.

Since the NFL preseason will be kicking off next week, that can mean only one thing… the annual launch of TMR’s exclusive weekly football pool “Beat the House” is right around the corner. The prizes we have in store this year blow away anything we have ever given away in the Beat the House competition to date.

Keep checking back to see exactly what you need to do to win one of these amazing prizes and Beating the House.