Ashton Kutcher Bombs at Live Taping of Two and a Half Men

Last night there was a live taping of Charlie Harpers funeral for the premier of the new Two and a Half Men. The audience only saw parts of the funeral scene but one audience member leaked that Ashton Kutcher ” seemed dry and didn’t quite own the character.”

Jenny McCarthy was also on scene for the taping which tells us this will be a disaster of mammoth proportions. Jenny McCarthy is more famous for her farting than her acting. I dont even think she can do that right, she always has a disturbing look as if she shit herself.

We learn during the premier of Two and a Half Men that Charlie Harper dies. There has been much speculation on how Sheen’s character will be killed off. A jealous husband or a bad bottle of scotch are the front runners. It would be great if Chuck Lorre had the balls Trey Parker and Matt Stone had when they killed off Chef on South Park.

Chef was labeled a child molester, struck by lightning, mauled by a bear and ultimately shit himself…The Aristocrats!  I dare Chuck Lorre to top that.

For now the only one we can expect to shit themselves on Two and a Half Men will be Jenny McCarthy. Unless you want to count Ashton Kutcher shitting all over one of the best sitcoms of recent years.