Early Nudes of Lucille Ball Hit the Web, Yes We Love Lucy (PICS)

As the children of Lucille Ball commemorate what would be her 100th birthday nude pics of the starlet flood the web. Before she was the mother to Desi Arnaz Jr and Lucie Arnaz and star of the hit sitcom I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball was a model. An early modeling picture of a stunning but naked Lucille Ball can be seen below.

In her very first role in Hollywood Lucille Ball also performed nude. Lucille Ball played a slave girl in the 1933 film Roman Scandal. This is back in the day before there was full frontal nudity commonly on film so there is not a hint of nipple, breast or bush showing.

It makes you wonder…if Lucille Ball was willing to do this nude pic way back then would she have been willing to do a sex tape if she was an actress of a different generation?

Lucille Ball was pretty wild for the times. Lucille Ball was in an interracial marriage when it was commonly frowned on, she posed in nude photographs and declared herself a member of the Communist Party in the early sixties. Seeing her and husband Desi Arnaz owned Dezilu Studios a sex tape wouldn’t shock me.

Who knows maybe there are some hidden tapes from Lucille Ball’s wild years in the 60’s. I guess we will never know as long as her kids control the archives. There is plenty of innuendo and scandal on her Wikipedia page, a xxx porn sextape would just be one more for the wiki!

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