Hair Band Fans Suffer a Huge Loss but Leif Garrett Still Alive at 49

With the death yesterday of Warrant lead singer Jani Lane once again we needed to check in on Leif Garrett. And yes Leif is unbelievably not only still alive but still sober.

As we reported earlier in the month, It seems that Leif Garrett is not only alive but actually working. Friday, August 26th, Leif will be performing at Lake Arrowhead Village in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Yes this is the venue that hosts Color My World – The Chicago Tribute and Eagles coverband Desperado that very same month! What a wild August at Arrowhead Village.

Warrant is still touring with bands like Great White and Firehouse. Maybe Leif can pick up Jani’s gig? As much as we goof on Leif he is actually a good singer. He also just about the age of the Warrant boys. The question is was Warrant made for dancing? Leif buddy you can handle the gig, you will be OK as long as you keep rollin’ like a wheel on the road. Turnin’ round and round, nowhere to go.