Blogger Posts Nude Pictures of Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen’s 2 Year Old Son

Barstools Sports a favorite web destination for Boston fans is drawing some well deserved heat. The website posted nude pictures of New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and model Giselle Bundchen’s 2 year old son Ben nude at a beach. Blogger David Portnoy who posted the pictures doesn’t see the problem with them.

“I was surprised it got the reaction it did,” Portnoy said. He them went on to say “This may sound simplistic but I wasn’t thinking this was an issue. As I sit here again now I don’t think it’s an issue,”

There are a lot of people out there that think it is a huge issue. Former Massachusetts prosecutor Wendy Murphy was quoted to say “This is a very serious felony in Massachusetts,” and accentuated her point by adding “The whole purpose was to get people to look at (the child’s) genitalia, so absolutely — 20 years maximum and a $50,000 fine on top of that,”

Boston sports fans are calling for David Portnoy’s head, Portney’s response is “We’re built, for better or worse, we are built to test the boundaries,”

It sounds like to me Portney is in a bit over his head and very soon someone at Nashua Street jail in Boston will be testing the boundaries of his lower intestine. If this was a random naked 2 year old and not the son of a famous couple I think charges would be filed already.