Comic Fans Get a Chance to Own Superman #1

We have some great news for you comic fanboys out there. DC Comics are re-launching their comics line. The characters have been upgraded they are a bit darker and an more modern. Take a look at the new Wonder Woman’s pouty lops and new killer figure. You can’t tell me this is not an upgrade! All of the Justice League character’s new looks are cool.

DC Comics are also rolling back all the titles to #1 in hopes of making an easier starting point for new fans along with more modern and relevant story lines. I guess this is the everyman’s chance to finally own a #1 Superman! Don’t miss out on this opportunity while it is here.

Of all the new storyline and character upgrades it looks like Superman was reinvented big time.

Here are the key Superman points:

Lois has a new boyfriend, a fellow reporter at the Daily Planet. With the new Superman #1, Clark Kent is once again the odd man out when it comes to Lois’ love.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane have been romantically involved for more than seven decades, first appearing together in the original Action Comics #1 in 1938

Clark Kent/Superman is also getting a few changes of his own—

He’s got new threads! A new outfit made of Kryptonian armor dons the man of steel, plus, he’s dropping the red underwear on the outside (don’t worry, he’s keeping the cape)

He’ll still have his trademark “S” curl of hair, still have the chiseled face, and definitely looks like he’s been hitting the gym.

Let’s hope all of these helps him catch Lois’ eye.