Taylor Swift Has A Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage (VIDEO)

While performing a song during a concert in St. Louis on Saturday, Taylor Swift showed her fans a bit more than she had planned. Sorry, this isn’t on par with some of the other wardrobe malfunctions we have reported on in the past, but we have a job to report this stuff and dammit, we’re gonna do it.

Taylor was singing “You Belong to Me” on stage when she walked a little to close to some wind effects and her skirt shot up to her shoulders. She quickly pulled it back down and kept on performing without missing a beat. The skirt stayed bunched up for a little longer until she finally fixed it.


Here is the video of the wardrobe malfunction:

Kind of boring and PG-rated, but like I said, we owe it to our reader to report on ALL of the news! Maybe the lack of definition around the ass finally proves that Taylor really is a barbie doll.

This could possibly be the worst thing to happen to Ms. Swift on stage since… well, since Kanye West.