Lindsay Lohan Can’t Get Work as a Stripper

Lindsay Lohan was in the running for the lead in “Magic Mike” a movie about exotic dancer Channing Tatum. That running is over and Lindsay didn’t get the role. The director decided to go in another direction. Steven Soderbergh went with the younger and hotter Riley Keough.

It is no surprise Lindsay Lohan did not get the part. No director or producer wants to be tied to a project that fails because Lindsay Lohan returns to rehab or jail.

We reported this week Twilight Breaking Dawn star Robert Pattinson was recently passed over for a role in a biopic about cult music legend Jeff Buckley. The big difference here is Lindsay Lohan can act, Rpatz is just a flash in the pan. So we feel Lohan will get a chance at some point to revive her career. But that chance is not yet here.

Lindsay Lohan is getting ready to star in Mob Street a flick about the Mafia’s role on Wall Street. Lindsay Lohan has the only star power in this film with a 20 million dollar total budget. This movie sadly has direct-to-DVD all over it. At this stage in the game Lindsey Lohan should be making 20 million a film not starring in 20 million dollar films.

A couple more of these direct-DVD-projects and maybe Lindsay Lohan will actually be looking for work as a stripper.