Pope Crisco: Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale by Stone Brewing Company

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday, I definitely made sure to enjoy this last day of the weekend.

After having a bit of lunch, a cheap but still tasty cigar, and worked on tweaking the layout on this blog, I picked out a bomber of Stone Brewing Company’s Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale and geared up for a good beer.

Pouring the ale a bit too vigorously a gargantuan, hazel hued head formed. Aside from forming easily, the head was also hearty in that it took quite a while for the frothy peak to subside to a manageable height.

The beverage itself was also visually stark. Being for the most part black with brown accents around the edges, the ale’s body obstructed the path of any traveling light.

Taking the frothy head to my nose, the aroma of hops rushed aggressively with strong pine and grapefruit scents.

The hop forward aroma prepares the palate for a similar experience, with a wonderful an upfront pine bitterness, As the full bodied flavor rushes across the palate coffee notes and likewise bitterness develop as an aftertaste. Furthermore, a nice toffee flavor develops as the tongue acclimates to the sharpness of the hop profile.

While I have had Arrogant Bastard Ale before, and recognize its quality, this wonderful beer is in fact sublime, and justifiably self-righteous!


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