ShoulderFlex Massager Could Be Killing People. Howard Stern’s Sybian: Still Safe…For Now

FDA Warning: ShoulderFlex Massager May Cause Strangulation – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to health professionals and consumers that the ShoulderFlex Massager by King International may cause strangulation.

The ShoulderFlex Massager is an at-home personal massager designed to provide deep tissue massage to the neck, shoulder and back.

According to the statement issued by the FDA, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has received a report of one death associated with the ShoulderFlex Massager. One near-strangulation was also reported. Both incidents were reportedly a result of clothing and jewelry catching in the rotation device in the massager.

The FDA advises consumers to not use this massager and also warns health professionals to not recommend the device. Anyone in possession of the ShoulderFlex Massager is advised to disassemble and dispose of the device.

As of the time of this report Tila Tequila is still safe to rides the Sybian to Orgasm.