Why is Kim Kardashian Buying Her Own Sex Tape When She Can Download it On a Torrent For Free?

Kim Kardashian is rumored to be in the market to buy her sex tape back from Vivid Entertainment. Vivid’s asking price?…30 million dollars to sit at the table. Conventional wisdom says Kim Kardashian wants total control of her image. If that is the case don’t shoot xxx sextapes and don’t pose naked in porn magazines like Playboy.

What makes this stupid. Is this is the digital age. Anyone can download Kim Kardashian’s sex tape for free on any of the many torrent sites. What Kim Kardashian fails to understand is adding nude pictures and video to the internet is like adding ink to water. You will never get it out. Kim Kardashian needs to talk to Erin Andrews before spending 30 million dollars.

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews’ peephole video is illegal to post or sell and it is still all over the internet. Even pics from her nude voyeur tape can be found by doing a simple Google image search. Kim Kardashian needs to understand that no amount of money will make this sex tape go away.

So before plunking down that cash Kim Kardashian need to think about how much fruitless time and effort will go into cleansing the internet of her naked image on video or photos. The lawyer bills alone will be astronomical. The answer is just don’t do slutty things.