Pope Crisco Hand On Review: Whataburger’s Green Chili Double

Good morning readers. When I left for Atlanta in 2005, one thing I missed most from my home state was the fast food chain Whataburger, native to Texas, and available in only 6 other states. To make a long story short, since moving back to the Lone Star State I have had an abundance of this restaurant’s fare, and I am far from having my fill.

This morning, after reading a press release for their new menu option of the Green Chili Double, I decided I was not in the mood for typical breakfast fare, and in fact was craving a hamburger from this fine establishment. Furthermore, I would opt not to get my normal Double Double with jalapenos and bacon (which is also a wonderful breakfast item if the mood hits you) in lieu of the “limited time” offering.

When I got the burger home, it seemed less impressive and somewhat diminutive from what I was expecting. My wife pointed out that this burger was not adorned with toppings, and contained no other additions than the beef, cheese, and a pepper mélange as advertised.

Still a tad off put, I took my first bite into the burger, and was greeted with more flavor than the sandwich’s exterior would suggest. The combination of the Monterey Jack cheese and roasted chilies added a wonderful creaminess to the base Whataburger flavor that I am used to and expect. The peppers also add a nice brightness and sharpness to the eating experience.

My only real criticism of the flavor is that it wasn’t quite spicy enough for me, but I was expecting that even before ordering the combo meal. I tend to like food that will bring me to tears, but this was a wonderfully full flavored burger without excessive heat. I am sure that if Whataburger were to add this to their regular menu, people like my wife would be ordering it regularly as it offers a great pepper flavor without the obtrusive heat signature.

On a final note, the perfect beverage pairing for this meal is not a rare wine selection or craft brewed beer, but Dr. Pepper. I can’t tell you why, but despite the fact I rarely drink it at any other time, this beverage and food pairing are not to be bested.

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