Lady Gaga Photographed Going Commando in a Dress (PICS)

It looks like going commando is getting popular again for celebrities. Who could forget the uncensored photos of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears flashes of their baby makers. Just as famous but not quite in the same vein is the Maria Menounos lip slip that is o’ so popular on the pages of TMRzoo. Now Lada Gaga shares her lady parts and joins the club.

Lady Gaga has been falling out of her outfits for years so this is no surprise. There are nip slips and partial nude pictures of her all over the web. This though is the first time she has taken her crotch out for a stroll. The ultimate of all wardrobe malfunctions.

These pics definitely squash those Lady Gaga has a penis rumors. Now that the “cat” is out of the bag I am guessing we will be seeing Lady Gaga totally naked sooner than later. Maybe a xxx sextape is not far away? So like I said, I am guessing we should get ready to see “IT” over and over now that we have confirmed Lady Gaga’s sex.

We do want to applaud the outlandish entertainer for her grooming style. Her shaved look is fashionable and classy. What the uncensored crotch shot pics also show is Lady Gaga has her labia pierced …good for her. Click here for the uncensored photo