NFL Week 2 Deadly-Accurate Expert Picks and Predictions

After going only 7-9 in the kickoff week of the 2011 NFL season, our in-house football expert has made his picks and predictions for week 2. He has assured us that what he has learned by watching week 1 has now given him the edge and this new set of picks cannot be beaten.


Click Here For The NFL Week 2 Picks and Predictions 

After you review Cletus’ picks, click the agree or disagree boxes to the right of them to weigh in with your opinion. If the group collective can “Beat the House”, then we will award a movie prize pack to the entrant who had the best pick set. In week 1 we awarded two prize packs. Check out the week 1 contest post for the official rules and prize details.

Once you make your game picks, you then enter your guesses for who you think will be the players of the week as selected by the NFL. Yes, yet another opportunity to grab some prizes from the TMR Zoo.

Stay tuned as Cletus is about the pontificate on his week 1 picks are “perdictions”.

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