Pope Crisco: Back in Black by 21st Amendment Brewery

I hope everyone is doing well. Myself? Thanks for asking! I am doing quite well. Today I went to an interview and left with a job, and shortly after walking in the door from that interview I got a phone call from another employer telling me I have a job if I want it. It does put me in a slight pickle, but a pickle I would welcome any day.

To celebrate, along with a few favorite beers currently chilling to enjoy later, I picked out a non-Texas brewery’s beer to enjoy, 21st Amendment’s Back in Black, an American IPA brewed with dark malts, also referred to as a black IPA.

Popping the top off of the wonderfully illustrated can (displaying Paul Revere riding on a motorcycle) a hiss is heard and toffee colored foam bubbled up, exciting the part of my soul that thirsts for good craft beer. The beer poured a true black, and while the toffee like head was impressive, it died shortly after pouring.

The nose was more malty than hoppy, being sweet and bready, but a decent amount of floral notes were also present.

Before taking note of any specific flavor the beer might have imparted, the mouthfeel was the first thing I noticed, being rich and creamy as it ran across my tongue and down my esophagus.

Tasting the black elixir, I was amazed at both a great deal of balance between the malts and hops, while both components where medium full in profile. As I would recognize a nice, full bitter floral presence, a sweet, slightly burnt caramel flavor would fight for dominance on my palate.

Everything about this beer, from the lacing to the dynamic flavor profile, is evidence of a brewery concerned with the product they deliver.


I brew and drink beer, smoke pipes and cigars, eat till I’ve had more than my fill, and escape in pulp rags till my eyes turn buggy. I don’t claim any expertise in any subject other than the chase of my own earthly pleasures. I write to help others find their own pleasures so that together we will decay in spirit with these lesser pursuits.