Leif Garrett Still Alive at 49

We just got news that Apple Inc co-founder Steve Jobs has passed away. It is times like these that make us wonder how the hell is Leif Garrett doing. Though Leif is not a technology innovator and he doesn’t build fancy machines. We have to recognize he is a dancing machine; Leif was made for dancing. Today is time to made sure the machine called Leif hasn’t blue screened.

Surprisingly after decades of treating his body like a dumpster Leif Garrett is freaking alive. He looks like shit and his liver is probably so black it should be banging a Kardashian sister…but he is alive.

So it looks like Leif isnt working right now but I am doubting he is qualified for the job that opened at Apple Inc. I am betting he can’t even spell Apple, he can’t spell Leaf! So for those of you keeping tabs: The world is down one genius today but we still have alumni for the Rehab with Dr Drew Reunion Show.