Cool Off Towelette Natural/Organic Blend Offers Instant Cooling Sensation

We get piles of product samples here at TMR Entertainment. Getting a chance to try out everything everyone sends us is difficult. Writing about all of it would be impossible. Still once in a while we come across a product that we have to tell you about right away. That happened yesterday when Cool Off Towelettes showed up in the mail.

That first mid-September day that dips below 70 degrees often feels like an official cue to switch out Hawaiian shirts for sweaters. Unfortunately, when freezing mornings give way to sweltering afternoons, the transition from beach to fall foliage is rarely as graceful as your closet’s.

Anyone who’s been forced to sprint to an important meeting, hit the gym without leaving time to cool down, got nervous before a first date or wore a sweater to work when the office heat was turned up too high, knows it’d hard to be your best if you’re sticky, umcomfortable and worried if it shows…

Enter Cool Off – a sleek, individually wrapped, toilette, developed using a unique blend of natural and organic extracts, including sea weed, fennel, chamomile flower and wild yam, to produce an instant cooling sensation that is easily reactivated with water. Since it’s only necessary to apply to the arms, back of the neck and knees to be effective, rather than the face, Cool Off keeps you comfortable and looking fresh all day.

Cool Off is the perfect accessory for anyone who’s ready to reclaim sweater weather with a care free fall look. Whether you’re headed to the boardroom or a date, Cool Off is designed for quick, easy and discrete use, while offering confidence and comfort to wear anything, anywhere.

Give them a try yourself