NFL Week 6 Dead Sexy Expert Picks and Predictions and Week 5 Recap

Our Week 6 “expert” NFL picks and predictions have been posted and are available for your viewing pleasure on our “Beat the House” contest page. The Week 5 “Beat the House” recap is below.

It has now been 5 weeks into the 2011 NFL season, and 5 weeks into the Beat the House contest, and the House has been anything but “expert” so far. Lest you think that this streak will continue, I have been assured by our expert prognosticator himself that he nailed this week. The picks have already been questioned in our forums, but again, Cletus has the utmost confident in his picks… unless it was just the swill talking.

You can view, agree or disagree with all of the week 6 picks at our Beat the House page in an attempt to win a movie prize pack and a gift basket from AXE Hair products for men.

Click Here To See Our Week 5 “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions

As for the previous 5 weeks, we are putting them all behind us… but that doesn’t mean we will be forgetting about you. Since the House was beaten pretty significantly again, we will award the movie and AXE prize pack to member candysgirl, who piked 11 out of 13 games correctly.

Here are the week 5 and season-to-date stats:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 5: 6-7 6-7 9-4
2011 Overall: 40-37 45-32 53-24

The overall tally in 2011 now is Members 4, House 0, Madden NFL Sim 1.

Votes are already pouring in for week 6 so make sure you enter yours before the deadline… kickoff of the 1:00pm EST games on Sunday.

Stay tuned for when we announce the results for NFL player of the week and find out of any member was able to correctly guess them and win the Jagermeister Cooler!