First Shots of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy Shoot Are Leaked

It is no news to anyone that Lindsay Lohan is currently doing a nude photo shoot for Playboy. Though we have seen the troubled actresses’ boobs in many a nip slip and topless in the film Machete, this is different. This time around Lindsey is giving us full frontal nudity. Yes the wholey trifecta, that is not a typo.

We have been anticipating the slide of Lindsay Lohan for a while but we did not think the 16th minute of fame would come so quick. But here it is Ms. Lohan is on the fast track to simulated sex on Showtime at Night, next stop is hardcore porn for Vivid Video.

I was getting worked up thinking about what Linday Lohan would look like in Playboy or even a Vivid Video porn – then it happen. There was a bit of leakage in my trousers. At that point I figured what the hell I would just pump out a couple of shots. So in anticipation of Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy debut I am sitting here in my trailer in Yazoo Mississippi, pants at my ankles “warming up” for the issue.

So the first shots may have leaked, but moving forward I will be working it in all my glory. Why wait for the magazine. Though soon Lindsay Lohan will be on the newsstands nude, naked as the day she was born.

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