Is Helping Jim Beam Celebrate Bold Choices (Contest)

In an era of cautiousness, bold behavior can be hard to find. So in what I feel is an effort to spice things up a bit, Jim Beam has taken to the web to find some “bold bloggers”. Jim Beam is celebrating Bold Choices and the people that make them. They have approached me and asked about some bold choices and adventures I have always wanted to accomplish.

Jim Beam is celebrating the people that are taking risks with confidence – the definition of Choosing Boldly. To help me with my bold choice Jim Beam has agreed to fund whichever choice I make.

I was ready to make my bold choice, then it hit me why not let you readers help me. I have selected what I think are three bold choices and I am hoping you readers can help plot my next path for me. For helping me make my bold choice one lucky TMRzoo reader will receive a $100 gift card. If you win, please use the money boldly.

The first Bold Choice would be for me to film the panoramic countryside of Southern New Hampshire from the sky. For those of you unfamiliar with the Granite State, New Hampshire has the most beautiful lake-strewn landscapes. My plan is to rent a hot air balloon armed with a high definition video camera. From the sky I would film the lakes and mountains of my state. Once I have the footage in the can I plan to score it with some of my original music and post it to the web.

My second bold choice would keep me a little closer to the ground. I have always had a love for all sports as a spectator and a participant. Though I have played baseball, football and even soccer there is one sport I have never played… hockey. My plan is to take goal tending lessons at the local ice center in hopes of ultimately taking a few shots on goal. The prospect of hard rubber pucks flying at me 90 miles per hours is a bit troubling, but still, I am up for the challenge.

My third and final bold challenge would be to learn country guitar. Since a trip to Nashville last year I have been obsessed with country guitar. Since the trip, I have tried my hand at playing country with limited results. Playing country music is a whole new world for this rocker. I plan to find a great country guitar teacher and buy a classic country/southern rock guitar. My hopes are to get my country licks to the point that I can sit in with a live country band before the end of the year.

All choices lead you somewhere. Bold Choices take you where you’re supposed to be. I am hoping you readers lead me down the right road. The link below will take you to the voting page. When you chose you can also register to win the $100 give card courtesy of – you must be 21 to enter this contest.

Click here for your chance to win the $100 gift card!

In the next few weeks we will announce the bold choice and you readers will get updates of my bold progress.