Eva Longoria Photoed Going Commando In Short Dress (PICS)

Our friends at MediaTakeOut.com get the scoop again. It looks like that paparazzi caught a upskirt pic of Eva Longoria and she wasn’t wearing any panties. This commando shot picked a good portion of the Desperate Housewives actress and it is obvious she doesn’t have any underwear on. It is hard to call this a wardrobe malfunction. When a woman wears a tiny dress with no panties I tend to think this was by design.

So for those of you desperate to get a look at the Desperate Housewives smokeshow’s naked ass here is your chance. You would think with all of the crotch-shots and baby-maker flashes that have hit the web, these women would start wearing draws. But alas with today’s photos of nude butt I guess not.

So with her show in its final season could this be a desperate plea for attention? If this is so does this mean Teri Hatcher, Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross’ boobs and nipples are going to start popping out all over the place? A flurry of Desperate Housewives nip slips would be great for traffic.

From MTO: A Gust Of Wind BLOWS UP Eva Longoria’s SKIRT . . . And She Ain’t Wearing Any PANNIES UNDERNEATH!!! (Warning – Extremely GRAPHIC PICS)

Click for the uncensored photos.