Last Call – NFL Week 9 Expert Picks and Predictions Contest

You’ve gotten your extra hour of sleep, now get your lazy ass out of bed and get into football mode. This is your final notice to review our expert NFL week 9 picks and predictions and to enter your own so you can win some great prizes. At this point, with only a few hours left to go in week 9 voting, there are three picks being disagreed with by the members.

The House picks of the Jets over the Bills, the Titans over the Bengals and the Rams over the Cardinals are not very popular. If you don’t like them as well… please let us know by entering your own picks. The Jets and Titans picks are too far on the disagree side to be swayed in just a few hours, but the Rams pick can still move over the 50/50 line.

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Assuming the three disagreed pick stand, and at least two of them do not go the way our expert predicted, then the member with the most correct picks will win the prize pack of movies and AXE products. Yes, it is that simple! You can’t win if you can’t play so visit the Beat the House entry page and enter your picks now before voting ends at the kickoff of the first game.

Good luck!