Leif Garrett Still Alive at 50

With the passing of Heavy D today we thought it would be a good time to check in on our good friend Leif Garrett. You know what it is actually Leif’s birthday today. So I am guessing no one ever expected Leif to hit 50 years old. I bet even Leif woke up, or is it came to…whatever, this morning and couldn’t believe he is still here.

We hope he is behaving today and not celebrating with a bit of black tar heroin. It made us wonder if Leif is having a birthday tonight who will he be celebrating with? Maybe someone will roll Roland Winkler over to hang out with Leif.

So Leif more power to you buddy. I lost a $20 dollar bet today but I gained and aging child actor. I can still make the money back anyway I doubled down on Lindsay Lohan. Happy birthday Leif from all of us here at TMR Entertainment..keep on, keepin’ on.