TMRZoo Finally “Reviews” Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

All due respect to my colleague by Cletus P. Stillwater, Jr and his November – 14 – 2011 “preview” of Breaking Dawn from the Twilight Series, the film does have its moments.  Yes, it is a “chick flick” and, no – Cletus – confirmed bachelors don’t flock to this…not yet, at least…perhaps when they run out of storyline at the end of the next film they can have Peter Facinelli (he of the film Supernova and Dr. Fitch Cooper of  the Nurse Jackie TV show) start re-confirming the bachelors in his office. Dr. Carlisle Cullen is the better actor in this flick and, unfortunately, his role is relegated to that of almost a cameo.  And the half-joking aside, there is some homo eroticism in this film as Robert Pattinson sucks the blood out of a number of good-looking guys before they murder women.  He…and Bella …justify the “feeding frenzy” – Bella telling her new husband to think of all the lives he’s saved!   Which leads us to believe Bella is merely Pattinson’s beard…note the love scenes where the vampire is uncomfortable making love to a woman; that his preferred conjugal practice is sucking…- just noting this for the mature members of the audience who have to do as Laura Nyro suggested in Barbara Streisand’s “Stoney End” and “read between the lines.”

Now for those of us into goblins and creatures that walk the night there are some simply marvelous werewolf moments, gorgeous scenery and even a creepy look inside a vampire lair at the very end in between credits – something that Marvel Comics should’ve done for the Captain America film…something audiences seem to relish these days.

But alas…this is a “chick flick” for the most part – the ho-hum wedding, the honeymoon where the vampire must resign himself to one woman for the rest of eternity and feasting on bears and livestock.  How boring…it was more fun when he was creeping up on good-looking murderers and sucking their blood.   Breaking Dawn is part of a multi-billion dollar franchise.  You can find my review of the first installment on TMR Zoo…somewhere in our archives…I skipped movies #2 and #3 in this series…New Moon and Eclipse…and that being said, film #4 is part of a soap-opera.  Somewhat hard to follow for the uninitiated, not as bad as Cletus predicted, some fine Goth vignettes but it won’t stand up to repeated viewings unless you are part of the club.

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