Beat the House NFL Contest – Week 17 and Season Recap

Oh what a difference half of a season makes. After a dreadful first half in our competition, “The House” got it together and somehow pulled together an 8 to 7 victory over the collective membership for the 2011 NFL regular season. It took all 17 weeks to accomplish the task as it was the first time our expert, Cletus, was victorious over our entire membership base.

With three games being disagreed with in the final weekend of the season, two resulted just as the House predicted. The overall pick record on the season was, however, won by a 4.5 win margin. However, that margin was in the teens and approaching the 20’s at the midseason point. You can view all of the numbers below.

The member with the best pick record for the season was candysgirl, with 182. With a winning percentage of 71%, she had a damn good season. That’s right gentlemen, I said “she”. Two points behind her was C_hawkfan, who has been no stranger at the top of the leader board fr quite some time now. After that is a pretty sharp drop-off into obscurity.

Congrats on a great season, candysgirl. We will be in touch with you regarding your prize pack.

Below are the week 17 and the final season tally for 2011:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 17: 11-5 9-7 10-6
2011 Overall: 159-97 149-107 164.5-91.5

The final weekly tally in 2011 was Members 7, House 8, Madden NFL Sim 2.

Just because the regular season is over, it doesn’t mean your chances of winning some prizes with your NFL knowledge is at its end either. You have a few more shots at winning some prize packs as well as a $100 Visa Cash Card in the TMR Zoo Playoff Pick’em contest. Voting is already open for the first round. Find out more about the contest here and Enter Now!

Thank you all for your participation this year. I hope you enjoyed the 2011 edition of Beat the House.