Casey Anthony Video Diary Falls Short (Video)

Casey Anthony has finally spoken. She did a quick 4 minute video vlog, blog whatever you call it and I must say I am a little disappointed. I thought this vlog was going to have a Chat Roulette kind of feel and vibe. I thought I would start up the vlog and there would be Casey Anthony naked drilling for oil with a battery operated toy, but alas I was gravelly disappointed.

Even more so disappointing that Casey Antony not being nude is she has chopped all of her hair, dyed it blonde and started sporting glasses. Casey there is no reason to wear glasses to record a video blog…get over yourself.

Nancy Grace is commenting that Casey Anthony leaked this video to fuel some type of monetary gain. We call that true speculation seeing Casey Anthony has received modeling (Casey Anthony is Offered Cash for Bikini Photos) and movie offers (Casey Anthony is Offered a Starring Movie Roll in an Independent Film). I don’t think Casey leaked this for cash seeing she has such lucrative offers on the table.

The video doesn’t offer much new. Casey just rambles on. Casey Anthony does mention that she has adopted a dog in the video. I don’t know how to speak dog but if I could I would tell that dog to get the hell out of there as quick as it could.

If Casey Anthony reads this on her new fancy computer here is some advice. Take a look at the career of Amy Fisher. Amy Fisher was scorned by society for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuco in the face. After being released from jail Amy Fisher didn’t care about the perception of herself she just moved on. Amy Fisher now makes boatloads of cash working as a feature dancer in strip clubs and as an actress in porn movies. Fisher has taken control of her own life.

It is now time for Casey Anthony to take control of her live. The next time Casey Anthony leaks a video she should make sure it is a sextape. Please don’t have the dog in the video that would just be wrong. A good old fashion xxx porn tape seems to be the only way for this woman to generate some real cash.

My only question is who would possibly star in a porn with Casey Anthony? Does OJ Simpson get conjugal visits? OJ likes blonds…maybe we could make it a snuff film.