NCAA Reprimands Old Dominion University Head Coach

The NCAA Division I Football Championship Committee has reprimanded Old Dominion University director of athletics Camden Wood Selig and head coach Bobby Wilder for violations of the NCAA’s championship policy during the 2011 NCAA Division I Football Championship.

Specifically, Selig and Wilder did not attend a mandatory administrative meeting on Dec. 2, the night before Old Dominion’s second round game against Georgia Southern University. The committee determined the lack of attendance was grounds for championship misconduct.

While the committee is sensitive to the importance of coaching preparation the night before a game, it was made clear to Old Dominion that attendance at the administrative meeting was mandatory. Because of these actions, the committee decided to issue public reprimands to Selig and Wilder for this act of misconduct. In addition to this public reprimand, a fine of $1,000 was issued to each of them.