Julie Brady is Requesting Bill Belichick to Video Tape Her Wedding to Kevin Youkilis

By now we are sure you have heard about the impending nuptials of Tom Brady’s little sister Julie Brady to Boston Red Sox slugger Kevin Youkilis. It is nice to see someone in the Brady family doing the marriage thing before having kids for once.

One can expect that the guest list to this wedding will read like a who’s who of Boston sports legends. One iconic Boston sports legend that will be working double duty at the wedding we hear is New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

We can not confirm or deny but an insider has told us Julie Brady and Kevin Youkilis have asked Belichick to videotape their wedding. The idea being Coach Belichick can tape the wedding guests in the pews. Belichick can later read the guest’s lips and share with Julie Brady and Kevin Youkilis their guest’s loving comments.

Our insider told us that the coach is a bit nervous about having to read the lips of Tom Brady’s wife Giselse Bundchen (pronuonced “bunchin” i.e. Hey lady that bikini is bunchin’ up in your ass crack). It seems Bill feels he may have trouble reading lips if Giselse slips in and out of English to Portuguese.

Bill Belichick’s plans to video tape the wedding are not without controversy. The president of the New England Camera Operators Union, Dick Hurtz from Holden, Mass has concerns with a non-union member filming the event. Hurtz warns Belichick could get fined for filming the wedding and they quite possibly could take away his first choice of entre at the reception. Patriots owner Robert Kraft said if actions are taken he would pay the fine for Belichick and give the coach part of his desert.