Pope Crisco: Ass Kisser Double IPA by Ass Kisser Ale

Well, after a busy week at work, Friday is finally here. Looking forward to a weekend full of Rahr and Sons’ beer, tomorrow being the anniversary of their roof collapse during a freak snowstorm in 2010. They will be having festivities, including a run for people without the common sense to drive cars, and their brewery tour, which is one of the best ways to spend a weekend afternoon in Cowtown with the missus.

Partly to celebrate the coming of the weekend, and partly to get this done before I am ravaged by a cold that is knocking at my door, I am popping the top off of an Ass Kisser Double IPA by Ass Kisser Ales (although brewed under contract by Rahr And Sons’ of Fort Worth, TX.)

Pouring the bomber into an imperial pint glass, the beer settles and reveals a dark orange hued beverage that is as cloudy as it is full of agitated, tiny bubbles of carbonation. A wonderfully frothy, off-white head is formed, and as the beer goes down my gullet, stays true, and creates a well-defined striation of lacing on the sides of its vessel.

The nose of this libation is full of spicy hop notes, backed up by a warm, yeast, or biscuit like aroma.

As the first sip of this fermentable mingles with my taste buds and my moustache, nice, pointed floral hop bitterness is enjoyed. As the tartness subsides, a nice caramel malt backend gives the beer a pleasant grapefruit and tangerine body. This flavor is wrapped in a velvet mouthfeel that dries out as it’s consumed.

Tomorrow, barring a freak internet outage I should be uploading a review of Rahr and Sons’ 2012 Snowmageddon. Until then, keep drinking!


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