Ex NFL Players are Aggressively Pursuing Concussion Lawsuits

This video is released today by PlayerInjury.com to detail the concussion litigation against the NFL. The NFL “concussion” cases allege fraud and negligence against the NFL and accuses the league of hiding medical evidence about the risks of concussions and failing to warn players they risked permanent brain injury if they returned to play too soon after they had sustained a concussion.

The NFL has said that they will fight the allegations.

About Craig Mitnick: Mitnick received his BBA in finance from Emory University and subsequently received his Juris Doctor from the George Washington University School of Law. Given Mitnick’s success as a trial attorney he was contracted as an on-air legal analyst for Fox News Channel, Fox Radio Network and CBS. Mitnick’s current focus is the representation of former professional athletes who may have been subjected to traumatic brain injury and other debilitating injuries. He is actively involved in the mass tort action against the NFL by its’ former players and currently represents over 175 players.