SXLiquors Expands Across Florida and Plans to Enter Additional States

SXLiquors, a unique startup company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale and launched in Miami, is expanding rapidly across Florida and plans to enter additional states and select international markets in the coming months. The company this week dramatically expanded its footprint from 80 leading restaurants, nightclubs and liquor stores in South Florida to nearly 1,000 such distribution points all across the state.

SXLiquors, which launched in June 2011 and delivers sexy drinks and cocktails that strongly resonate with women and other discerning drinkers, did so well in the limited South Florida market in which it was tested that Miami-based Southern Wine and Spirits fast-tracked the brand for mass distribution throughout the state. Within the past two weeks, SXLiquors was rolled out in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando.

The trio of SXLiquors’ first spirits (a groundbreaking and award-winning honey and lemon infused tequila called SXchachacha, a mint and lemon rum dubbed SXcalypso, and a sweet lime and vanilla cachaca-style rum called SXsamba) are now available on store shelves. A range of additional products has already been developed, but not yet introduced.

Presented in head-turning, sensual bottles, SXLiquors’ spirits exude sexiness and sophistication while providing unforgettable taste and uncompromising quality.

“I am 100 percent certain that 2012 will be a breakout year for our company,” said SXLiquors CEO David Knight. “Strong sales in South Florida and the tremendous buzz that SXLiquors has generated show that our products resonate with consumers attracted to our unique brand of Miami cool and Latin sensuality. The SX team and I are on a mission to make the world sexier, one sip at a time.”

SXLiquors will showcase its products Feb. 23-26 at The Food Network South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Miami Beach. The company is unveiling its new products and other surprises at The Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas March 12-14, 2012.

About SX

SXLiquors is a line of premium spirits including award-winning tequila, aged rum, and cachaca-style rum. Infused with sensual and exotic ingredients to deliver the ultimate taste experience, its products appeal to discerning consumers looking for delicious drinks that can be enjoyed over ice or inside their favorite cocktails. Learn more at, become a fan on the SX Facebook page and follow SX on Twitter.